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"Independence Flame Ignited in Rusape by Honourable Vice President Chiwenga, Continues Journey Through Manicaland"

In a poignant ceremony yesterday, the Independence Flame was officially ignited at Butcher Site in Rusape, marking a significant milestone in Zimbabwe’s 44th Independence Day celebrations. The ceremony, presided over by Honourable Vice President Retired General CDGN Chiwenga, symbolized the enduring spirit of freedom and unity that defines the nation.

The lighting of the Independence Flame at Butcher Site in Rusape served as a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by Zimbabwe’s forebearers and the resilience of its people. Vice President Chiwenga’s presence underscored the government’s commitment to honouring the nation’s history and fostering unity among its citizens.

As the flame continues its journey through Manicaland, today it moves to Nyanga, Mutasa, and Mutare, spreading the message of unity, peace, and development envisioned for Zimbabwe’s future. The roadshow invites all Zimbabweans to join in the celebrations, reflecting on the significance of this historic event and renewing their commitment to a brighter tomorrow.

Stay tuned for updates as the Independence Flame Road Show travels through Manicaland, igniting the flames of patriotism and solidarity across the nation. #IndependenceFlame #ManicalandCelebrates #ZimAt44 #NMMZ 

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