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What is NMMZ?

The National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe (NMMZ ) is Zimbabwe's premier heritage organization established under an Act of Parliament; The National Museums and Monuments of Rhodesia Act (1972) which is now called the National Museums and Monuments Act (Chapter 25:11). NMMZ is a Parastatal, funded through grant by Central Government and falling under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Act established a Board of Trustees to provide for the establishment and administration of museums' and to provide for the preservation of ancient, historical and natural monuments, relics and other objects of historical or scientific value or interest.

It is a requirement of the Act that the Board of Trustees meet three times every year and this takes place both at Regional level with the Trustees from that particular Region and at national level with all Trustees. National management forums are held three times a year before the Board of Trustees meet. The Board of Trustees reports to the Minister of Home Affairs.

Vision Statement

"A society inspired by a well-preserved heritage by 2030"


Funding is principally in the form of Recurrent and Capital (Public Sector Investment Programme-PSIP) Budgets from the Ministry of Finance via the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The organisation generates its own resources principally from entrance fees to sites and museums. Further resources are generated through the sale of publications, consultancy fees, filming, accommodation and auditorium hire and investments. Recognition must also be given to donors who fund special projects, which make a significant contribution to the achievement of the objectives of the organisation.

These donors include the Government of France, MS Zimbabwe, The Beit Trust, New Zealand Aid and the Government of Germany. NMMZ welcomes financial and technical support from any other interested parties.

Oil Painting
Knight Armour
Royal Jewels
Faberge Egg
Folk Costume

Welcome To Ozeum Art And
History Museum

Not only the outstanding quality of the collection, but also our high level of activity in the areas of research, exhibitions and education guarantee the Ozeum prominent position in the international museum landscape.

Regional Directors

Mr. G Bvocho

Regional Director, Northern Region

Dr. P Mupira

Regional Director, Eastern Region

Dr. M Fitzpatrick

Regional Director, Western Region

Mr. T.B Pasipanodya

Acting Regional Director, Central Region

Mr. L Mandima

Regional Director, Southern Region