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Natural History Museum: Natural History

The Natural History Museums of Zimbabwe came into being in 1901 as the Rhodesian Museum. It was renamed the National Museum in 1936, and eventually renamed Natural History of Zimbabwe in 1981. The museum is the largest in the country and is a circular building with four floors surrounding a central courtyard.

The museum, which opened its doors to the public in March 1964, is located in the Centenary Park, south of the city centre (Bulawayo).


The Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe houses all the Natural Sciences Departments, as well as the most extensive and informative exhibitions on both the natural and cultural history of the country. The research and public gallery areas are housed on four floors of the circular building with a central courtyard. The public displays are housed on the ground and first floors; the Library, Administration and Monuments departments on the mezzanine floor, Education on the ground floor and most of the research departments on the lower ground floor. A cafeteria service is also available on the lower ground floor next to the lecture hall.