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Experience the Rich Heritage of Zimbabwe with our Heritage Quiz Programme!

At the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe, we’re dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of our nation. Our Heritage Quiz Programme, part of our extensive museum education initiatives, has been a cornerstone of cultural awareness for over a decade.

Join us as we celebrate our heritage and ignite the curiosity of the next generation. Our partnership with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education ensures that our programmes align with educational objectives and foster national identity among students.

The journey began at cluster-level competitions on March 1st, followed by zonal competitions on March 8th, and district finals on March 15th. Exceptional teams are advancing to the provincial finals scheduled for March 26th, where they will compete for a chance to represent their provinces at the national level in Gweru.

Crafted to cover five major themes – the past, heritage conservation, science and nature, general knowledge, and the environment – our quiz questions challenge participants to explore and appreciate our cultural heritage.

As the nation embraces culture and heritage studies at all educational levels, our Heritage Quiz Programme serves as a vital tool for invoking public consciousness towards national heritage knowledge and conservation.

Don’t miss the excitement of our National Finals, a highlight of International Museums Day on May 18th. Join us in celebrating our shared heritage and nurturing the cultural custodians of tomorrow.

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