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Mt Hampden, Zimbabwe – In a significant move towards transforming Mt Hampden into a modern hub, the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe (NMMZ) has initiated the exhumation and relocation of human remains from 1,103 graves. This exhumation project marks a significant step in the development of the ambitious Cyber City, a key part of the government’s vision for a technologically advanced future.

During a formal address to the community, Mr. Bvocho, the Regional Director for Northern Region, announced the commencement of the project. The atmosphere was a mix of solemnity and anticipation as the community came together to witness the beginning of this historic transformation.

“We understand the sensitivity of this undertaking,” said Mr. Bvocho. “We are committed to handling the remains with the utmost respect and dignity ensuring that the exhumation process is conducted in accordance with cultural and ethical standards as well as legal requirements.”

The Cyber City, is poised to become a beacon of innovation and a hub for technological advancement in the region. The project has garnered significant attention and is expected to bring substantial economic growth, new employment opportunities, and modern infrastructure to Mt Hampden and beyond.

Community members have expressed mixed emotions, balancing the respect for their ancestors with excitement for the future developments. As the project moves forward, NMMZ has assured ongoing communication, involvement and support to the affected families.

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