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Join Us for the Independence Flame Road Show in Manicaland Province!

Dear NMMZ Community,

Embark on an exhilarating journey to Manicaland Province as we celebrate Zimbabwe’s 44th Independence Day with the Independence Flame Road Show! Under the theme “Zim@44: Unity, Peace, and Development towards Vision 2030,” we’re bringing the spirit of freedom and unity right to your doorstep.

Date: 11 – 17 April 2024
Location: Manicaland Province



The Independence Flame holds immense significance as it symbolizes the enduring spirit of our nation’s journey towards independence, unity, and progress. As it travels through Manicaland, it serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by our forebearers and the resilience that defines us as Zimbabweans.

Don’t miss this historic opportunity to be part of the Independence Flame Road Show in Manicaland Province! Join us as we reflect on the significance of unity, peace, and development in shaping our nation’s future. Together, let’s ignite the flames of patriotism and march towards a brighter tomorrow!

Be sure to join the conversation online:
#IndependenceFlame #ManicalandCelebrates #ZimAt44

Stay tuned for more updates and details on the event. Let’s celebrate our journey towards a better Zimbabwe with pride and unity!

Best Regards,

National Museums and Monuments Team